“I found Susan to be creative, professional and versatile. She has a real flair for pattern and color, always listened to our needs, and respected our opinion. Best of all, she’s easy to work with.”

Carolyn Goldman – Chestnut Hill, MA


“Susan has great style, taste, and a real eye for color, pattern, and proportion. She listened to my needs and did an amazing job at figuring out what I would like. And I love it–the Living Room, Dining Room and the Guest Room are all wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to doing it again.”

Sally Reid – Dedham, MA


“Our house looks so lovely. Susan Shulman is a talented artistic designer and we were so fortunate to find her. She has a tremendous and rare talent – an ability to understand what each client wants and what each room needs. The results speak for themselves.”

Dianna Obbard – Winchester, MA


“In addition to her amenable personality, what sets Susan apart from other designers is her artist’s perspective. She views color and spatial relationships with a heightened intensity and appreciation. Susan quickly understood my project, giving me the confidence and assurance to work with her. I couldn’t be happier.”

Bonnie Kornman – Newton Centre, MA


“Susan’s ability to synthesize my preferences enabled her to come up with a beautiful plan for my home. She also brought my husband and daughter into the process. Working with her was a true collaborative effort in which there was a ‘buy in’ from all of us. The result is a customized home that is gorgeous, comfortable, and a true reflection of who we are as a family.”

Jodie Hale – Waban, MA


“Susan innately transforms any room into a sophisticated, impressive, and alluring space. She honed in on my needs with an easy to work with demeanor, while giving insightful advice. Her style and design are exquisite.”

Nanc Gordon – Waban, MA


“I have been working with Susan over the last 5 years. We have designed 1 to 2 rooms at a time and the results are well worth it. She helped me avoid costly mistakes and assisted me in selecting furniture and fabrics that are unique yet timeless. Working with Susan has created warm, inviting, and unique spaces my whole family can enjoy.”

Andrea James – Wellesley, MA